For the last few decades of the 20th Century, hormone replacement procedurewas a huge industry. Women especially were looking for its anti-aging effects and although there were literally millions around the globe who swore by it, research in 2002 claimed that there was no factual basis for those assumptions. As a result, hormone therapy slid back into the shadows, only to re-emerge recently because doctors today find that it makes sense and does indeed counteract many of the signs of aging.

Why Hormone Replacement ProcessWas Called into Question

At that time, around the turn of the century, there was some amount of evidence that suggested HRTwith estrogen could lead to the onset of breast cancer.

This was after women took high doses in oral form over a long period of time. Since it was prescribed to reduce the occurrence of hot flashes and to combat some of the visual signs of aging, women gladly embraced the therapy. Many felt abandoned after therapy was stopped. Since that time, research continued and now there is a ‘new’ school of thought that is supported by evidence that hormone replacement therapy administered under different formulations could prove to be beneficial.

What Doctors Are Now Saying

Many doctors are now treating women with a new form of hormone replacement therapy provided by the Wellness MGT company. This is not the same as estrogen therapy offered from 1970 to 2000 but rather injected and only by doctors trained in this particular form of treatment.

Also, this type of hormone renewaltherapy, unlike estrogen from days gone by, is available to men in need of higher levels of testosterone. Doctors are now saying that injectable therapy for shorter durations has benefits that were previously sought but not delivered due to improper delivery and dosing.

Current Evidence Supports HRT

Since the last round of research that was said to have conclusive evidence denied the efficacy of this therapy, new studies have been conducted.

Needless to say it is not recommended for everyone and some forms are safer than others. Doctors certified in the field are able to determine at risk patients so as to avoid any potential for side effects. Those women who would be prone to heart attacks or ovarian cancer would be given treatment under strictly monitored conditions and never with the type of hormone that was found to be not only ineffective but unsafe.

Today’s science is so much more advanced than it was just 20 years ago and that’s why therapies are now able to deliver results that were never before possible. Women and men looking to literally begin erasing the signs of premature aging can do so safely without fear of dangerous side effects that older generations of hormone replacement therapies caused. Anyone looking to feel younger, look younger and reduce the aches and pains that are part and parcel of aging can find safe treatment with innovative treatments never before available. Doctors are saying that under these new and stricter conditions, hormone replacement therapy does, indeed, make sense.

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